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Next Adoption Event: Saturday Sept 20, 11am-2pm 

PetCo Del Mar, 2749 Via De La Valle, Del Mar CA 92014

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of San Diego is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 certified non-profit organization (EIN 45-2899279) dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned German Shepherds throughout Southern California. Coastal exists solely because of your tax deductible donations. Want to help a dog or puppy in dire need? Before you visit any other shelter or rescue, follow these links to view the dogs available for adoption from CGSRSD.


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Walking Dogs Raises Funds to Help Rescue Dogs

Don’t just take your dog for a walk… Take your Walk for a Dog! Go to WoofTrax.com, download the app, and support Coastal's K9s every time you walk your dog.

Calling all smartphone users. Android and iPhone users, you're in! (Windows phone users stand by for future updates), there is an app that when you walk a dog (any dog), the rescue gets financial help. Yup, you walk your dog and benefit the dogs of Coastal. It will give you monthly updates on your walks also. It a great way for you to track your miles and help you and your dog get fit (or fitter!).

Hopefully we can spread the word, and get the dogs of Coastal some help, and everyone benefits.  It doesn't matter where you're located either!

Just go to http://www.wooftrax.com/, there you will see the links to the Google Play store, and Apple store as well.  
You install the app, select the rescue by state.  We are Coastal German Shepherd Rescue.  It will ask you to verify your email address, and that's it.

Thanks, from all the Coastal K9's!

Coastal K9 Homeward Bound 5K

Race Day ~ Sun.Aug 24th

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The Homeward Bound Series: Part 2 - Malachi's Wish

Watch the video below, for a "How To" shop at Adopt-A-Shelter

If you enjoy shopping online for gifts or necessities, why not shop to donate? Many major retailers participate in the AdoptAShelter program. No logins or passwords required. Its easy, free, and a percentage of what you spend comes right back to the rescue for every purchase you make. Prices are the same including discounts.

Macy's * Walmart * Best Buy * Lowes * Old Navy * Barnes and Noble * Amazon!

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“Why We Do What We Do”

Since time began, the question “Why?” has always evoked the rhetorical answer, “Why not?” or the humorous or non-committal response “Because we can.” In the world of rescue, a world where there are more heartbreaks and heartaches for the volunteers than the days are long, the answer to this question is many and unique to each and every one.

Why would a person spend countless hours every day of the week visiting a kennel to make sure that every dog gets a walk and a little taste of love? Why would someone who is retired spend each day fielding phone calls on a rescue hotline, trying to help people who feel they have no choice but to give up their dog, taking on the heartache of the families and the frustration of being able to do nothing in many cases? Why would someone hold a dog that they’ve tried to save in their arms as they breathe their last breath, dry their eyes, and begin all over again? Why would we swallow our pride and beg for money, only to turn around and beg again? Because, in the world of rescue, rescuing never ends.  As we always say, we are not here only for the young, the beautiful, and the easy to adopt. We are here to rescue, and that brings with it all kinds of challenges.


In just the last two months, we have had Ziggy, a 12-month-old puppy who was diagnosed with malnutrition, demodex and elbow dysplasia. His road to being a healthy puppy is slow and one step at a time. Through Coastal he has been able to get the necessary nutrients and gain the weight he needs. He has received medical treatment for his demodex and is now awaiting surgery for his elbow dysplasia. Cost for Ziggy’s surgery, $2700.

Read the full story of "Why We Do What We Do"....featuring Ziggy, Belle, Cisco, Rica and Liberty


2014 Donations:
As a 100% volunteer organization, we depend on your contributions throughout the year. CGSRSD is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit. EIN 45-2899279.
If you prefer to mail a check rather than use PayPal, please mail your check to:
Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of San Diego
PO Box 722381
San Diego CA 92172

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