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Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of San Diego is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 certified non-profit organization (EIN 45-2899279) dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned German Shepherds throughout Southern California. Coastal exists solely because of your tax deductible donations. Want to help a dog or puppy in dire need? Before you visit any other shelter or rescue, follow these links to view the puppies and  dogs available for adoption from CGSRSD.


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Hi Everyone!

Rainier has found his foster home, a home with other dogs, Corbin a big German Shepherd, and Edward, a tiny yorkie . . . and Mr. Peacock who likes to visit daily.
Claire has been with Coastal GSR SD for years, she is an incredible foster, all the dogs she has taken in throughout the years were senior dogs that have medical issues.  She never once batted an eye when it came to a dog in need, she took the sick and the weak and nursed them back to health, she gave them the time of their life, one that they probably only have dreamed of.
Claire is not new to taking care of a blind dog, she’s done that too .
Here is Claire’s update, and she will be sending regular updates on Rainier . . . .

Rainier Story, July 25


Rainier visited my house Tuesday as a potential foster.  He had to pass the test of getting along with my other dogs before we could make him a formal foster.  And of course he did, with flying colors.  Rainier is one of the sweetest dogs ever. Appearances, as we all know, can be deceiving.  Rainier looks like the biggest, most huggable stuffed bear that you’d ever meet.  Without even thinking, you’ll reach out to run your fingers through his thick fur.  Not reach down, you’ll be reaching out.  This is because Rainier is huge!  His back is nearly as tall as my waist.  Much to my delight, Rainier’s appearance is the truth!  He loves hugs and being petted and being handled and being nearby.  He turns out to be the dream-date of a dog, getting along fine with all my other dogs. 

Because Rainier is staying here for a while, I’ve been asked to write about his adventures.  Honestly, this has been a difficult task because his story is so sad.  Rainier is overweight by about thirty pounds and clearly out of shape.  We go for walks three and four times a day and after only a few moments on the trail, Rainier is puffing like the front engine on the Santa Fe Railroad.  Rainier is blind which in itself wouldn’t be much of a problem. A blind GS that stayed here before, taught me lots about the special needs of a visually impaired dog.  Keep the floors cleared, large water bowls placed strategically throughout the house, back door open for easy access to the yard, and lots of voice cues.  “Step up, step up” and “step over, step over” and “wait, wait, wait” are some of the most useful.  I am not sad about the blindness and obesity.  These would be workable issues.  However, on Wednesday my veterinarian gave Rainier a preliminary diagnosis of pemphigus vulgaris, an auto immune disease with an ugly prognosis and especially horrific treatment regimen. We have an appointment with a specialist next week. 

I will continue to write updates about this sweet dog, Rainier.  But I want the message of this one posting to be this.  Diagnosis and specialized treatment of dogs is expensive.  I  know you’ve been asked many times before to support a Coastal GS Rescue dog in need.  I am asking you today to donate once more for Rainier.  Let’s find out the full extent of Rainier’s problems and if possible, what kinds of treatment would be most appropriate.  In the meantime, before it gets too hot, we’re going for another walk. 

Until next posting,



A big Thank You goes out to you Claire.
God bless.

We are desperate in need of a foster home as soon as possible.  Rainier is an 8 year old dog.  Adopted as a puppy, his life has taken a downward spiral.  In another week, if we can't find a foster, it may be as low as it can possibly go.  Growing up, Rainy was always a vibrant, fun loving spirit.  He loved the other dogs, the cats, children.  He especially loved to chase and catch his ball.   Then in the blink of an eye, all of the color was drained from his world when he developed SARS and lost his sight within a period of five months.  He didn't let it affect his personality, though, and he wasn't about to give up his ball.  He learned to use his other senses to get around in the world that he had always known.  Then, as if that weren't enough, everything that was familiar to him was taken away when there was a crisis in the family and they had to move.  The other dogs were gone, the cats, his life had changed, and the bumps and scrapes on his nose are a testament to the difficult time he's had adjusting to one new situation after another, but he managed.  He still had his family who he loved and depended on, and he still had his ball.  When we met Rainy, he was the sweetest boy, a bit on the heavy side, a little nervous when he was away from his owner, but he still wears a smile on his face.  He doesn't know that in less than two weeks, everything he has known for the last eight years will be gone.  His family can no longer care for him and he is coming back to Rescue where we will keep the promise that we make to all of our dogs, no matter the reason, no matter the time, there is always a place for you in Coastal.  Rainy is going to need a lot of support, but above all, most importantly, he needs a foster home.  Our only other option is the kennel.  For a seeing dog, the kennel can be scary enough.  For Rainy, the  kennel would be a living nightmare.  If you can help foster or if you would be interested in adopting, please e-mail Teresa Baltao at tbaltao@att.net.    We can't take away the heartbreak, but we can help find Rainy, the big love bug, another family, preferably one who likes to play catch.  He doesn't mind sharing his space with other cats or dogs, just needs a little patience while he learns where everything is.  Please help, E-mail Teresa attbaltao@att.net.





Congrats Ziggy!  We'll miss you.

Faithful, loyal companion. Faithful, yes. No matter how many times we fall short of their expectations, they are willing to give us one more chance. Loyal, yes. No matter how many times we prove unworthy, they remain constantly by our side. It is unfortunate that many of us cannot do the same for them. If you have a few moments, please read Ziggy's story, and help us find his forever home.


Ziggy was purchased as a puppy by a family who thought that once he grew out of the cuteness of an 8 to 10 week old puppy, he belonged in the back yard, watching his family through the windows, no training, no socialization, just food and water and a hello if they had the time. As the months of isolation passed, Ziggy grew more and more lonely, bored, and unhappy. It was then that the owners got tired of the holes he had dug, the barking that didn't stop, and the jumping on them with excitement when they chose to grace him with a visit. At 7 months old, Ziggy was dumped at the shelter, described as a bad dog. He could have had a chance with his new adopter. He was a beautiful dog and got chosen right away by his new family. It should have been a happy life. Unfortunately, when Ziggy knocked over the television the first day, he went straight back to the shelter.


At only 7 months old, as loyal as he was, as faithful as he was, Ziggy was left homeless. He could have become depressed, but he didn't. He woke up each day in the shelter, ready to greet anyone who would say hello to him. Finally, he had company, people willing to spend a few moments with him and other dogs to surround him. It was that personality that got Ziggy noticed. He was one of the happiest puppies they had ever met . He was also one of the most out of control puppies they had ever met. He wanted so much to play with the other dogs, but no one had ever taught him how. They began working with him on his social skills and they contacted Coastal to see if we could help.


Ziggy was welcomed into Coastal. He was even welcomed by the other dogs. They saw in him a puppy who needed guidance. The older ones were more than willing to give that guidance and the younger ones were more than willing to play. Soon after he came to rescue, though, we noticed something else. Ziggy was in pain, a lot of it. We had him examined and discovered that he had severe elbow dysplasia and a fractured in the leg. This little boy was so happy to finally have friends that he was willing to play through the pain. That was when we reached out to everyone to help. Thanks to so many, Ziggy was able to have the surgery that he needed. Then his recovery and rehabilitation began. He was welcomed into a wonderful foster home where he received everything he needed. Unfortunately, he was required to spend most of his time on crate rest to allow his leg and elbow to heal. Ziggy found that difficult, but he made it through with he help of a very patient family and a dog who was there to keep him company.


Fast-forward to today. In May Ziggy celebrated his second birthday. He has officially now spent most of his life in rescue. Still, he doesn't let this get him down. When you look into his eyes, there still lives the innocence of the puppy he once was, the curiosity of one who is ready to go out and explore the world. He still looks at other dogs as though he can't believe that he finally gets to have friends. He looks at people as though he is grateful for every moment they spend with him.


We would like for this to be Ziggy's year, the year that he finally gets to learn what faithfulness and loyalty mean, the year he gets his forever family. He doesn't ask for a lot, but there are a few things that he really needs: A family who can continue to give him the leadership and guidance that he needs. He has come a long way, but he still needs someone who has time to devote to his training. Another dog, one that can be a mentor to him and yet still play like a puppy.


In rescue, every dog is special, but there are some whose spirit touches our hearts in just a certain way. Ziggy is one of those dogs. There are times when he can test the patience of Job and others when you look into his eyes and realize he is just a lost boy who never had a chance, until now. Faithful, loyal companion, that is who Ziggy will be if you can offer the same in return.


Ziggy would love for you to take a few moments to watch his slide show and share some of his favorite moments in rescue while he awaits his forever home.


BeeBee Update


             Jack didn't want anyone to forget about him and wanted to make sure everyone know he hasn't forgotten about them, so just a little hello, how are ya  from our sweet little Jack, aka the smartest puppy in the world.  Tomorrow is a big day for Jack.  He gets to visit the medical team that helped him feel better, gets to get his stitches taken out, and is hoping to get the blessing for a little more freedom.  For the last two weeks he has been restricted to rest with only leash walks for potty breaks.  That's a lot to ask of a puppy Jack's age, but his foster mom said he is obeying all of his doctor's rules and being the perfect little gentleman.  It helps that he has Branson as his big foster brother, puppy mentor.  Branson went through a situation that required surgery just like Jack, so he has been letting him know that it's only going to get better.   Jack and Branson have a special bond that continues to amaze his foster mom.  Even though Jack has to stay in his crate until healed, he doesn't mind.  Branson is always there beside him, keeping him company and giving him kisses.  If the crate moves, Branson moves with it.  They are definitely kindred spirits.  We can never say thank you enough to everyone on Jack's team who has made his life possible.  More to come as he continues to heal....




Little Jack hasn't had time for a photo shoot, so new photos coming soon.  We wanted to send out his news with a very big thank you.  Because of you, Jack has had his surgery.  Everything went well, and he is on his way to a full recovery.  The surgeon was able to remove most of the fragments of bullet.  He is recovering in the hospital, receiving lots of TLC.  The next couple of weeks will be lots of rest and then moving on to therapy to rebuild the muscle that has atrophied and to help him learn that he can walk on that leg again.  In the last few days, Jack has discovered that there are many nice people out there, and he has made his very own wish list.  Very top of that list, if someone could spare and share a little space for a while, he really would like a foster home.  

     Jack needs your help.  This little boy is only six to seven months old.  In his short life, he hasn't seen much humanity in the humans he's met, that is, until yesterday.   Two of our volunteers were walking through a high-kill shelter, meeting the Shepherds we had been asked to help.  As they passed by, one of them noticed a little guy sitting in his kennel, trying his best to find a clean place to lay.  His first reaction to the volunteer was to growl.  Then he turned and the volunteer saw him holding his leg off the floor, in obvious pain.  At that point, the volunteer realized he couldn't walk away, leaving this frightened little boy alone in the shelter to die.  He sat down in front of his kennel and offered his hand.  Little Jack recognized a kind heart.  His growling stopped and he began wagging his tail as he licked his new friend's fingers.   There was no way Jack was going to be left behind.  Later, when they were ready to leave, Little Jack was picked up to be put into the van.  He was so happy.  The volunteer could feel the relief wash over him, as if he knew something good was going to happen, and it was.
     We had no idea the extent of his injury.  The shelter thought he may have been hit by a car.  We brought him to the vet right away.   It was then that we realized why this little boy would meet any human with a growl and lack of trust.  X-rays revealed his femur was shattered.  The fragments of the bullet that shattered it are still inside.  It has been a wound that he has been suffering with for a long time.  Sadly, Jack was a small puppy when someone inflicted this abuse on him.  
     Jack needs surgery to repair the leg and the gluteal muscles that were injured when he was shot.  We are asking for your help.  With surgery, post-surgical care and rehabilitation, the cost is $3,000.  Jack is a happy little boy now.  He is  receiving medical care and pain management until he can have his surgery.  He is learning now that there is some humanity in mankind.   Please help us give this little guy a chance at a normal life without pain.  Please join Jack's team and make a donation if you can.   Tax deductible donations can be made by clicking the button below. 


Fosters Needed

His ear is bent from a hematoma.  His nose is scarred from trying to escape from who knows what.  His fur is matted and full of grease, but he doesn't care.  Gibson made his trip to freedom from one of the highest kill shelters in the county recently.    He's a senior boy who looks like he's had a life of hard knocks, but he knows that better days are here.  People actually looked at him and touched him, and their touch was gentle and they didn't shrink away from the dirt and filth that he has been wearing for quite a while.  Someone even said they loved him.  He even got to stop and smell the grass, and frolic in it.  Yes, life is good.  
Gibson is one of many dogs we have in need of a foster.  He has had a bath now, and what a beautiful boy.  While he is waiting for his forever home, he would love to have a foster family to call his own.  
Gibson has lots of friends at the kennel who would love to lay their heads down on a nice soft pillow at night time while they dream of their families to come.  
If you can help foster , short term, long term, special needs, regular needs, please e-mail Teresa Baltao at  information@coastalgsrsd.org.


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Just go to http://www.wooftrax.com/, there you will see the links to the Google Play store, and Apple store as well.  
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Thanks, from all the Coastal K9's!

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