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Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of San Diego is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 certified non-profit organization (EIN 45-2899279) dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned German Shepherds throughout Southern California. Coastal exists solely because of your tax deductible donations. Want to help a dog or puppy in dire need? Before you visit any other shelter or rescue, follow these links to view the puppies and  dogs available for adoption from CGSRSD.


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A Plea For Elvis


Elvis has been without a home for so long.    His story is below, but it is a story without an ending.  We are reaching out to everyone we know to help him find a home, to help write the rest of his story.  


       "All of our dogs have a story, some happy, some sad, most lonely.  We could write about Elvis all day long, but his story wouldn't be complete without talking about someone else. You see, his is a story of a lost soul who found an angel.


        Two years ago, one of our volunteers was going through the kennel as she did every day, saying goodnight to each and every dog who was left to sleep alone.  As she stopped to touch each kennel, she noticed beside her the big regal dog who had once again chewed on his leg and foot, leaving trails of blood on the floor.  She stopped and gently cleaned and treated the wounds and covered them with gauze and tape.  What struck her at that moment was that she could cover the bleeding wounds, but she couldn't cover the wound that she noticed on his heart.  He had a sad look in his eyes, the look of someone who had lost any hope they may have had in humanity. 


        That night, the volunteer went home, leaving Elvis to rest.  The picture of him as she left, though, had been seared into her mind.  She went home feeling sorry for this regal boy who had been returned to the rescue more than a year before.  She woke up the next morning with one resolution, helping Elvis.  She had three amazing dogs already in her home, none particularly friendly and each with special needs of their own.  She knew it wouldn't be easy, but the bond that she had formed with Elvis that evening left no doubt that it was something she had to do.


        That was the beginning of what is now a two-year friendship.  She has been Elvis' champion, his friend, and his angel.  Their bond requires no words.  They can each sense the other's happiness or pain.  That day she brought Elvis to her home for a fieldtrip.  The surprise on his face was only surpassed by his gratitude.  He quickly realized that he had touched her heart, that she had heard his crying, even though it was silent.  She went through the routine of rotating the dogs in and out of their crates to keep them safe.  Elvis didn't mind his time in the crate.  He didn't make a sound, no barks, nothing.  It was as though he wanted to blend in with his surroundings and cause no troubles.  He just wanted to stay in a home.  


        Over the next few weeks, Elvis got to visit his angel's home a few times a week.  There are no words to describe the incredible effect those simple fieldtrips had on him.  Elvis had begun to believe in humanity again, to believe in a happy ending, to trust humans, and to trust himself.

        She soon discovered that while this regal boy had a many great qualities, he also had a very complex personality.  He can be extremely obedient, playful, and affectionate.  At the same time, he wanted to be in charge and after a while didn't want anyone to intrude on the family he had become to know as his own.  He can be very protective, even overprotective at times.


        She also learned that Elvis had lots of energy and needed a way get that energy out.  She learned that he was mellower when he was tired.  She began taking him out for extra physical activities.  Elvis loved it.  It turns out that Elvis is an Athlete!!  He excels at agility courses.  He is a fantastic swimmer and loves diving into the swimming pool.  He loves his long walks and hiking, and he loves coming home and relaxing after a day of fun.

        Elvis was trained by professionals and is very obedient when he has an experienced handler whom he respects.  But, and every story has a but, Elvis is extremely smart and if he notices any weakness, hesitation or fear from the people around him, he will begin playing games and he will try to outsmart his handler.  Yes, he needs an experienced handler. 


        Despite working with him every day, his angel could never understand his dislike for other male dogs or strong dogs.  Maybe something happened to him as a puppy.  That part of his story we will never know, but he now prefers to be the only dog in the home. 


        Elvis loves his humans.  He lives to please those he loves and trusts.   He doesn't throw out his trust to anyone he meets.  Trust for him is something that has to be earned.  He needs time and patience to accept a new human into his circle.  His bond with his humans is one of mutual respect.


        You may be asking yourself at this point why his angel hasn't adopted him herself.  It is not for lack of trying or desire.  After two years she still brings him to her home two to three days every week.  She gives him the only kind of home she has to offer.  Sometimes, though, to love someone means to recognize that they deserve more than you have to give.  Elvis' angel  knows that Elvis deserves a home and a family of his own, not just a temporary guest house, but a forever home with a family who will care for him and help him fulfill his potential as a beloved companion.


        Elvis' ideal home would be a single person or a couple who work from home at least part time.  He does not like to be alone for long periods of time, a  home without a lot of traffic coming in an out.  Elvis can be protective of his people, but he is not a guard dog.  He is a guardian, a guardian of those he loves, and sometimes guardians need to be protected too.  Elvis would like that, someone to be his guardian for a change.


        Elvis has enjoyed the time he could spend with his angel, his walks, the agility courses that have challenged his mind.    He has many memories, and his angel will always be in his heart, but Elvis is almost eight years old now.  Most of his life has been spent with the rescue, silently watching as dogs have come and gone, hoping that one day his turn would come, his turn for a home of his own, a soft bed to sleep in, someone to take him for a nice stroll around the block and give him time to stop and smell the flowers.   Today, more than anything, Elvis would love to lay quietly by your side, knowing that you are his forever."

            Please help us get Elvis' story out.  Maybe you can't adopt yourself but you may know of someone who would love to give him a home.   Anyone interested in helping, please e-mail me, Teresa Baltao,  at tbaltao@att.net.


BeeBee Needs Surgery as Soon as Possible; Can You Help?

Beebee needs surgery as soon as possible.   It took only one meeting in the shelter for our volunteers to fall in love with Beebee.   She was a beautiful girl in a high kill shelter, middle age, horribly overweight, waiting patiently for her turn to be put to sleep.  She had already been failed by whoever had left her behind.  The volunteers were determined to show her that there was someone who cared about her, someone that would take her from that horrible place, give her the medical attention she needed and help her lose her extra pounds.  That day, Beebee joined Coastal and everyone fell in love.   Beebee needed to be introduced to exercise slowly.  She has been doing very short walks.  She stepped right into her little trot, head held high as she joined her fellow rescues.  Then she got the royal treatment, fitting for our own Queen Beebee.  She got to go to swim therapy.  She loves to swim.  

Unfortunately, we discovered recently that Beebee's weight is not her only problem.  When our happy-go-lucky girl refused to move in her kennel, we rushed her to the vet only to find that she has severe hip dysplasia in both hips.   She has been living in pain for a very long time.   She is being treated now to manage the pain,  but she needs surgery right away.   
We are asking for your help.   Beebee's surgery will cost $2700.  Beebee loves to run and play and swim and be a normal dog.  With your help, we can give Beebee the chance to run again, to swim again, to be pain free.  When Beebee joined rescue, we promised her the best life possible.    It is only with your support that we can keep our promise to her.  Please help with any donation you can.   We can never change her past, but with your help, we can all give her a brighter tomorrow.



Swinging with the Big Dogs

The event has been canceled. Check back for updates.

For more information email swingingwiththebigdogs@gmail.com

or visit Swinging with the Big Dogs Website

Fosters Needed

His ear is bent from a hematoma.  His nose is scarred from trying to escape from who knows what.  His fur is matted and full of grease, but he doesn't care.  Gibson made his trip to freedom from one of the highest kill shelters in the county recently.    He's a senior boy who looks like he's had a life of hard knocks, but he knows that better days are here.  People actually looked at him and touched him, and their touch was gentle and they didn't shrink away from the dirt and filth that he has been wearing for quite a while.  Someone even said they loved him.  He even got to stop and smell the grass, and frolic in it.  Yes, life is good.  
Gibson is one of many dogs we have in need of a foster.  He has had a bath now, and what a beautiful boy.  While he is waiting for his forever home, he would love to have a foster family to call his own.  
Gibson has lots of friends at the kennel who would love to lay their heads down on a nice soft pillow at night time while they dream of their families to come.  
If you can help foster , short term, long term, special needs, regular needs, please e-mail Teresa Baltao at  information@coastalgsrsd.org.

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Walking Dogs Raises Funds to Help Rescue Dogs

Don’t just take your dog for a walk… Take your Walk for a Dog! Go to WoofTrax.com, download the app, and support Coastal's K9s every time you walk your dog.

Calling all smartphone users. Android and iPhone users, you're in! (Windows phone users stand by for future updates), there is an app that when you walk a dog (any dog), the rescue gets financial help. Yup, you walk your dog and benefit the dogs of Coastal. It will give you monthly updates on your walks also. It a great way for you to track your miles and help you and your dog get fit (or fitter!).

Hopefully we can spread the word, and get the dogs of Coastal some help, and everyone benefits.  It doesn't matter where you're located either!

Just go to http://www.wooftrax.com/, there you will see the links to the Google Play store, and Apple store as well.  
You install the app, select the rescue by state.  We are Coastal German Shepherd Rescue.  It will ask you to verify your email address, and that's it.

Thanks, from all the Coastal K9's!

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